# Week 8 (Oct 28 - Nov 3)

In preparation for the Alpha Code and presentation, the developers worked on maximizing all the mechanics that the team wanted to implement in the game. This includes finalizing four enemies (drone, arm, bug zapper lamp, fence), adding a shell menu for visual and instructional purposes, and fixing any minor bugs that could potentially affect the player's immersion. Josh was able to continue implementing basic artificial intelligence for the new enemies that Tim modelled and animated. Sandy worked on the GDD and also stepped in as the level designer. He created a test level for our playtesters as well as helping the team visualize a couple potential levels that could be implemented into our game. Justin focused on importing the enemy animations created by Tim into Unity and created a simple main menu screen.

Moving forward for the Beta Code submission, we will be addressing any concerns that were brought up during the playtesting sessions and the feedback from our guest speakers. In addition, the team will be working more on the level design, adjusting the difficulty ramps, polishing up the visual aesthetics and including audio elements/cues to give off a complete game experience. We might consider adding other shell menus, such as a pause menu or options menu, but these can come later in the final deliverable. Another mechanic that we will implement for the Beta testing is score tracking. We have yet to decide how the player’s number of deaths or time spent to complete each level will affect their score.