# Week 7 (Oct 21 - 28)

This week, the developers continued work on addressing the bugs found in the playtest, and started on changes as per the internal review. Josh was able to implement basic artificial intelligence for enemies, and with Tim's help, added in enemy models so we can begin working on their behaviours for the Alpha code deliverable. This prompted a discussion regarding the aesthetic for the game.

Having added basic models for enemies with basic behaviour, we want to explore an impressionistic aesthetic for the game, rather than a realistic one. We think that the game can benefit from a certain quality of hyperreality, and since the main character is The Moth, this provides an opportunity to represent mundane objects, such as waving arms and electric bug zappers, as surreal elements that pose a mortal threat: a cross between a Renaissance-era chiaroscuro and a Salvador Dali landscape.

In preparation for next week, the team will meet to discuss the completion of the Alpha Code and the relevant playtests, and what how we want to frame our questions during the playtests. We will also continue work on refining our GDD, taking into account the feedback from playtests, internal review criteria, as well as ensuring that the Alpha Code provides an accurate encapsulation of the aesthetic we wish to deliver with Light After Death.