# Week 3 (Sept 23 - 29)

This week, the team started working on version 1 of our Game Design Document (GDD), as well as a low fidelity prototype in unity 3D. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of what we’ve developed so far in Unity. As per last weeks focus, we also had some team meetings where we shared our ideas of how we imagined the game would look like.

In game screenshot of what we've accomplished so far in Unity. Figure 1. An in game screenshot of what we've accomplished so far in Unity.

We also worked out some of the uncertain game mechanics we had during the initial weeks of the project. Moving forward, we’re leaning toward the idea of light as a stamina/life source. The game environment will have few light sources and overall, very dark, which will add to the difficulty of the game. It will be hard for players to see incoming obstacles if they do not have enough light. We’ve also started the creation of 3D models using Maya, such as the player’s moth character, shown in Figure 2.

Moth render in Maya. Different perspective of moth render in Maya. Figure 2. Our 3D moth renders created in Maya.

Moving forward, we’ll be looking at creating some of the other assets, such as the environment and obstacles. For the upcoming week, we also plan on implanting the base game mechanics into Unity. This will include things such as a life bar, hitboxes, and a basic shell menu for pausing or exiting the game.