# Week 4 (Sept 30 - Oct 6)

Following last week’s presentation of our GDD, as well as showcasing a quick demonstration to the class, the team continued working on the design and programming of our game.

This week, the developers continued working on the base code they’d completed before the Week 3 demonstration. This week focused on hit detection. After Josh uploaded the master code to the team’s GitHub, Justin branched off from there to work on detecting collision between the player and the obstacles. Following Xin’s lab tutorial, Justin managed to get hit detection working for that demo, so he will be exploring how to convert that to the team’s code.

The designers continued with sketching and modeling the other 3D assets, such as trees for the obstacles and environment, and NPC designs like the bird, humans, or torches. The design team also did more research into other games to draw inspiration, either for physics and flight mechanics, or for game assets and models.

In preparation for next week, the team will meet to discuss what is viable to show for the upcoming play testing session, as well as our roles for said session. We will also work on refining our GDD, with respect to the research and feedback we received from Week 3.