# Week 1 (Sept 9 - 15)

This week, the team was formed and we started discussing ideas for the final project. We started off by filling out the team contract and assigning roles to ourselves. Sandy is our Project Manager and Designer, Tim is the Illustrator/Designer and Video Editor, and Josh and Justin are the Developers. We also completed a lot of administrative tasks, such as setting up a Notion to organize a group calendar, and a GitHub repository for our team and individual journals.

Our GitHub repository for both the team and individual journals.

Our shared Notion Calendar.

Our Notion board that we used to write down and share our game ideas.

Our Notion board that we used to write down and share our game ideas.

Using Discord, we had two meetings this week to talk about our ideas. We decided to move forward with an exploration / survival type game. The player fly’s around in an open-world environment as a moth, trying to survive by staying close to light sources. However, if they get too close to a light source, they will die. The goal of the player is to survive until they reach the end light.

Our full game proposal can be found here.

Our plans for the following week are to create mood boards for the type of aesthetic we want the game to have. We can also revisit and flush out some of the vaguer game mechanics. From there, we can keep moving forward with concept art and a full storyboard.