# Week 6 (Oct 14 - 21)

Following last week’s presentation of our playtest results and revised game design doc, as well as showcasing the first prototype to the class, the team worked on addressing the design issues identified during the playtest, as well as making enough progress to move into the enemy & level design phase of the development process.

This week, the developers split up the work needed to address glaring bugs found in the playtest. This week focused on increasing the efficiency of the code, as well as adding animation to the player model. Justin branched off from there to work on character animation with Tim's help. Josh was able to identify the issue that was causing ghost moths to move faster than the player moth, granting us the ability to control the former's speed relative to the latter, which has been a point of discussion in terms of effectively communicating the mechanic to the player.

The designers continued with sketching and modeling the other 3D assets, such as trees for the obstacles and environment, and NPC designs like the bird, humans, or torches. Tim worked with the dev team to troubleshoot and nail down the player animation. Sandy began working on enemy classification by archetypes, and jotting down how we might go about building prefabs for these enemies to speed up the level design process.

In preparation for next week, the team will meet to discuss the requirements we want to set for the Alpha code, and what areas we want to focus on during our playtests. We will also work on refining our GDD, with respect to the research and feedback we received from last week's playtests and in-class presentation.