# Week 2 (Sept 16 - 22)

Following the team’s initial project timeline, we worked on developing a cohesive mood board and research, as well as an interesting flight mechanic. We also talked about the interaction between the player and light mechanics, and how they would support the gameplay. Light After Death aims to provide a dark, eery aesthetic, yet is also easily render-able and does not require a lot of processing power. We also discussed various options for the perspective we would move forward with. Originally, we had planned for Light After Death to be a 3D, 3rd person perspective game. However, after doing more research, we explored the idea of 2.5D, or also a top-down.

Our week 2 notion moodboard. Our week 2 notion moodboard.

During our team meeting, we decided that each member would create some kind of prototype to showcase to the other members that helps explain their vision for the game. We can do this through a simple Unity game, or with a 2D drawn storyboard. Some of the games that we looked at include: Exo One, Flower, and Batman: Arkham Knight.

Moving forward, we will continue to talk about the game’s mechanics, as well as explore the complexity of actually developing our game. Our goal is to have a basic understanding of Unity, in both 2D and 3D games, so that we can afford to be flexible with how we choose to move forward.