# Week 12 (Dec 2 - Dec 9)

This was the final week for IAT 410. As we prepared for the Gold Code presentation, we worked on final bug fixes as well as the trailer and walkthrough videos. One of the essential features that was implemented right up to the end was the saved states. Now, when players closed or quit the game, their high scores would be retained and displayed to the player on the level select screen. We were very excited to showcase what we’d accomplished, and it was nice to see just how far not only we’d come, but the other teams as well.

After the final showcase, we celebrated our second-place win, and looked towards completing the two final videos. Tim took the lead with editing both videos, while the rest of the team provided the voice over narrations for the walkthrough. Our trailer can be watched here (opens new window).

We would like to extend a big thank you to our IAT 410 classmates, but most importantly the teaching staff, Eric and Xin, for all of their feedback and critiques throughout this journey. We couldn’t’ve done it without you, you ROCK!