# Week 11 (Nov 25 – Dec 2)

This week was a production one for the team and everyone did their part push the game that much closer to a stable state. The team improved the fidelity and polish of the game significantly this week, updating our non-diegetic UI to represent the in-game resources such as stamina, as well as our death count and par system. Justin worked on bug fixing and playtesting, both individually as well as conducting two playtesting sessions. Tim completed the Fly swatter models which will be integrated into the game next week. Sandy did an excellent job of designing mockups for the level select screen, level complete screen, game over screen and game complete screens in Figma. Josh contributed various fixes to the game including moth flight trail, a head start for the ghost moths and code which turned the enemies what had killed past moths into ghost enemies so they could not hurt you in subsequent attempts.

Moving forward, the team will continue to polish the game and refine it for the Gold code deliverable. I will try and create a cut-scene animation. Some ideas are to replicate how golf video games do a camera flyover of the golf course to give the player a preview of what to expect.